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DOOWY DOES IT,  Headquartered in Los Angeles, California Doowy Does IT has been presented with numerous prestigious awards for delivering best in class Information Technology needs to small businesses in the greater Los Angeles County area.

The IT firm specializes in technology deployment and field delivered support services for a range of industries.  The consultants pride themselves on being able to work one on one with clients.

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At Doowy Does IT, we understand the unique information technology needs of a wide range of industries because we provide hands-on technology support to many companies all across the U.S. everyday. Since its founding, Doowy Does IT has clients from coast to coast. While supporting thousands of computer systems nationwide.


  • Your company is going through a merger, IPO or reorganization
  • Best practices need to be defined and developed in your department
  • You need expertise you don't have in house
  • Senior talent could provide critical direction to your sharp young team
  • You just need an extra set of hands
  • A top employee needs a mentor to grow to the next level
  • You want to build a competency you don't currently have
  • A key manager abruptly departs
  • An initiative needs extra resources for the upfront development
  • Fresh outside perspective may be just what your project or company needs